Get Rid Of Ego – Get Rid Of Ego Before It Consumes You!

Get Rid Of Ego Before It Fails You

Should You Just Let It Take Over?

Lets face it; getting rid of ego means understanding its reasons and that could be as easy as reading a book! Getting rid of ego will enhance your life overall by helping you bring balance into it and allow exchange of ideas to form, much easier than if you were trying to figure things out on your own. It is true; by not bringing balance between your ego and id your ego can truly affect your personality outlook. Your business and relationships in general can also suffer.

More times than enough we come across situations where our observations may not be of what someone wants to hear and it may even escalate to an egocentric behaviour that could of been easily avoided through proper discussion and not by the “Mine’s Better Than Yours” approach! Has this happened to you? Have you found yourself unable to accept advice just because you thought you knew better? Were you simply overruled by your money representing your societal status?

Whatever The Reason

Allow Yourself To Know Your True Worth

Here is a simple case study that I will use just so you see how important it is to get rid of egocentric behaviours. Truth is that you cannot get rid of ego entirely but you can bring balance between ego and id so that your life, business and relationships breathe better than ever. That can only happen when you know of who you are.

An individual sincerely expressed his concerns at an Internet Marketing Forum and defined himself as such: I am one of those persons who have a problem with taking advice from other people. It probably has to do with school teachers doing what they could to turn me into a mindless drone back then. I usually learn from failing repeatedly, then realising I need to change my ways, in IM and in life, but I would like to be better at taking in good advice, without being gullible of course. Do you believe you can learn something without failing first? How do you make new knowledge really stick without trying it out first?

Getting Rid Of Ego

Means Know Thyself!

Breaking the above paragraph to at least 9 sections would allow me to see the definitions given and also the causes and possible interactions with others as seen by the individual. Doing this allows me to understand that the individual is finding it difficult to receive advice even though it could save him from a lot of trouble and perhaps speed up the learning curve of his tasks or activities. Despite excusing his situation by referring back to his school years; he also seems to not be able and excuse others i.e. the teachers for the service they were trying to provide and he has given a different definition to what learning truly means. Learning for him is failing repeatedly. Is that what he should see as worth? No; but it happens naturally along with other definitions in life such as family or even love. To some love might mean aggression and family could mean separation depending on individual as well as external circumstances that bring influence in one’s life.

People knowing his failing rate and attempts try to help him by giving him advice. However he seems to be taking this probably as a competition, as that is what ego is all about. I am better than you and I know what I am doing. Yet, ego will be consuming him through the wrong definitions it has given him so far. He would need to accept change and respect every opinion and especially from those who are close to him as they are probably more aware of his failing attempts if he would want to succeed in Internet Marketing and life in general.

Ego Resists On Fragile Perceptions

Ego Makes You Gullible

Getting your ego balanced enough will enhance your life and perhaps criticism will be less prominent as people will be able to see that you are taking care of yourself more often than your attempts to fail in order to learn. Accepting advice does not make us gullible; advice simply allows us to acquire knowledge. Without it we are gullible to illusions. Break thru them easily by identifying your own definitions! What are they?

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