Work At Home Scams & Places To Get Help

Work At Home Scams & Measures Against Victimisation

With recent advances in communications technology, it is so much easier to defraud and scam someone with work at home schemes that promise easy cash and instant wealth. To avoid victimisation it is advisable that you can arm yourself with the proper munitions against work at home scams.

The best defence against work at home scams is research. Read about work at home scams from websites that specialize in such. There are a few sites out there that host articles on real victims sharing their experiences.

If you find that you have become a victim to fraudulent claims made by con artists, you can visit these websites and ask for help. The good thing about these places is that they provide vital information that could be very beneficial and help you avoid victimization.

  • – The Federal Trade Comission specializes in the protection of American Consumers. A great source of legal operations. If you are a victim you could submit a consumer complaint.

  • The Better Business Bureau is another such centre that specializes in helping victims of work at home scams cope. The site offers a link to the BBB in your area as well as information on work at home scams.
  • This is the official site for the National Fraud Information Centre. Here you can find listings of work at home scams that have been going around both online and offline
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