Arguments & Threats in The Affiliate Marketing Arena!

How not to approach a Reviewer!

“I know people who would ruin your life” ….my typing froze for a moment! “I cannot believe you just said that; I will just forget it!”; I replied to an online conversation I had with a vendor last night! He approached me to change my review and I refused. I acted stupid he said, because I could have made money promoting his strong sales copy.

Emotional relevance versus selling the dream

Affiliate Marketing is what you make. You have a choice in the same way you would have a choice in any other avenue in your life. Being genuine and compassionate to your market’s needs is not just an obligation; a blessing too. Your market will thank you for it.

Vendors Who Don’t Deliver

Not all vendors deliver to all of their products; sad but true! When inconsistencies are apparent between sales pages and actual product this will result in an emotional conflict. The relevance is broken and the consumer feels cheated, betrayed and disheartened. This is a result of two conflicting emotional relevancies as Vendors & Consumers have completely different needs to fulfil.

There is a choice to which a Vendor can follow and respect consumers’ “emotional relevance” and not just sell something for the sake of selling it. If a product does not conform this respect then I have plenty reasons to highlight consequencies for the consumer and at the same time giving the Vendor plenty of room for improvement! This is actually free work that could easily be charged as a business evaluation. However, to be threatened is trully not the way to be aproached by to say the least!

Rewards Come With Cooperation

Create Positive Changes!

Working together with consumers, reviewers and online forums can only help you as a Vendor to gather all the necessary information you need to excel in developing a great end product. Every single niche has Individuals who are eager to receive a solution relevant to their queries and they buy to your product for a reason or two; just make it happen. I am only an observer and I will express things as I personally feel them.

If Apes Can Do It

So Can Internet Marketers!