Are Your WordPress Images Not Showing?

WordPress Images Not Uploading?

ATTENTION: This was NOT a typical bank holiday Monday were I could relax with friends and enjoy the good weather!

Oh No; It was more like spending the whole day trying to understand the missing piece of my WordPress Puzzle!

It all started when couple of days ago I moved from its single hosting account to a multiple domain hosting account as a second level domain.

I backed up, restored the files and changed the wp-config.php accordingly so that WordPress connects to my restored database.

That is the standard procedure of moving WordPress between hosting accounts so what could have I possibly done wrong?

The Problem – Why Are My WordPress Images Not Uploading?

All Newly Uploaded WordPress Images Not Showing!

a) Every time I uploaded an image, from within the Wordpress admin area, the image didn’t  show neither as an attachment to a post nor through its URL link! The URL link of the image was exactly structured as it should i.e wp-content/uploads etc, but no image file would be on that folder if you were to look at it from within the hosting admin area unless I put the file manually using an ftp client!

b) When I uploaded the picture file manually using an ftp client the  picture would show only when I would visit its URL but still not as an attachment to a post.

The Solution – Why Are My WordPress Images Not Showing?

It Can Only Mean One Thing  a + b = c

Have you moved your WordPress to a multiple hosting account as a second level domain? Do you experience image issues after your restore installation and database configuration (wp-config.php) ?

Follow the simple steps bellow to correct the issue:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin area

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Select Miscellaneous Select Media

Step 4: Uploading Files

Step 5: Store uploads in this folder

Step 6: Make sure that it’s set to default Type: (wp-content/uploads)

Truth is that when WordPress is restored and moved to a second level domain, the database naturally tries to connect to the subfolder of your primary domain. Thus it is a database issue and not a hosting issue. This tiny problem took me just a little over 6 hours to figure out. I hope to have saved you time and looking forward to your comments.