Online Scams on twitter – Fraudulent tweets Need Reporting!

Fellow Internet Marketers & Blessed Twitter Users Please Take Action!

I constantly receive Direct Messages by people who are very keen to help me “make money online” and suggest that I should join their online business opportunity.

I just do not understand how these people think that this is a quality intorduction to their offers when their first contact is limited by 140 characters with an affiliate link that is thrown in following their very unconvincing short introduction!

At times feels as if I open “The Online Door to Spamville” every time I follow someone on twitter. Up to this moment I have mostly seen “the secret of the british mom who discovered how to turn yellow teeth white” and “See how I make a 6 figure income a year in less than 3 hours a week”.

Fellow twitter users please protect your networks and BLOCK such accounts who broadcast questionable links or spam you with DM’s or @. And here is the reason why you should!

These types of tweets lead to fraudulent websites. The so called “secret of white teeth” is actually a card phising scam and people who endorse products as such need to undestand that they SHOULD KNOW what is that they are promoting in the first place and keep their online followers safe. SO BLOCK THEM & Keep twitter Clean!