Are Your WordPress Images Not Showing?

WordPress Images Not Uploading?

ATTENTION: This was NOT a typical bank holiday Monday were I could relax with friends and enjoy the good weather!

Oh No; It was more like spending the whole day trying to understand the missing piece of my WordPress Puzzle!

It all started when couple of days ago I moved from its single hosting account to a multiple domain hosting account as a second level domain.

I backed up, restored the files and changed the wp-config.php accordingly so that WordPress connects to my restored database.

That is the standard procedure of moving WordPress between hosting accounts so what could have I possibly done wrong?

The Problem – Why Are My WordPress Images Not Uploading?

All Newly Uploaded WordPress Images Not Showing!

a) Every time I uploaded an image, from within the Wordpress admin area, the image didn’t  show neither as an attachment to a post nor through its URL link! The URL link of the image was exactly structured as it should i.e wp-content/uploads etc, but no image file would be on that folder if you were to look at it from within the hosting admin area unless I put the file manually using an ftp client!

b) When I uploaded the picture file manually using an ftp client the  picture would show only when I would visit its URL but still not as an attachment to a post.

The Solution – Why Are My WordPress Images Not Showing?

It Can Only Mean One Thing  a + b = c

Have you moved your WordPress to a multiple hosting account as a second level domain? Do you experience image issues after your restore installation and database configuration (wp-config.php) ?

Follow the simple steps bellow to correct the issue:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin area

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Select Miscellaneous Select Media

Step 4: Uploading Files

Step 5: Store uploads in this folder

Step 6: Make sure that it’s set to default Type: (wp-content/uploads)

Truth is that when WordPress is restored and moved to a second level domain, the database naturally tries to connect to the subfolder of your primary domain. Thus it is a database issue and not a hosting issue. This tiny problem took me just a little over 6 hours to figure out. I hope to have saved you time and looking forward to your comments.

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  1. I don’t quit understand… I’m a noob at this sorry.

    yesterday I was about to post my actual 1st informative blog.
    I uploaded pictures from my camera which I saved into my computer.
    When I try to insert them in my post. The image doesn’t show. Then I looked
    around for more problem then I see y header image is gone too.
    the images are linked to wp-content/upload/2011/09. I tried to upload again in the header
    section still doesn’t show. When I looked in the media library there I see the header image that I
    upload in Corrupted.


  2. Big thanks for taking the effort to explain this, I spent half an hour messing about only to stumble on to your site to fine exactly what I needed… “a solution”

    Many thanks.

  3. If it’s a database issue, would you be so kind as to indicate where in the database this is to be fixed, since there is no “Miscellaneous” option under settings anymore?


    1. Hello Ian,

      Are your WordPress images not showing as well?

      On newer versions of WordPress the settings are indeed different!

      For all newer versions of WordPress go to: Settings, Media, Under Uploading Files and on the section Store uploads in this folder type the following: wp-content/uploads

      Many Thanks

    1. Hello Masdin,

      I understand that your WordPress images not showing and that you are using WordPress 3.1.

      This solution will work on all newer versions of WordPress as well.

      Go to: Settings, Media, Under Uploading Files and on the section Store uploads in this folder type the following: wp-content/uploads

      Many Thanks

  4. This error may occur when playing with WP-FILEBASE

    Any other folder other than the upload folder will usually contain an .htaccess:

    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all

    Very simply, the directories and sub-directories within those specified folders cannot be listed or accessed directly.
    The same applies to images, in which case, all images would be “denied access”.

    If this problem occurrs, delete ANY and ALL .htaccess files in your uploads/ or any other sub-directory.

    -hope this helps =)

  5. Dude I don’t comment on blogs ever. But you really saved my day today as your answer was simple easy to understand and saved me a bit of work.

    Thank you

  6. I am registered to wordpress .. yet i cant see how to start a forum topic. HOW do i get images to show.. i cant upload images.. i cant show exisiting ones.. please advise…

  7. I thought that was going to do it for me but that wasnt the case. Your post gave me multiple ideas to try and get a image to show up.
    The image uploads alright… and it goes into the post as an image, but then when I refresh, it changes to HTML and does not show up on the page.

    I tried the simple wp-content code but that didnt do the trick.

    I am going back to my host to see if they are setting it up with any odd configuration. I used an auto install program for wordpress so maybe that is it.

  8. I’m having the exact problem you describe, except that i never moved my site around. It was always hosted in the same spot and used to work fine. I dont recall doing anything to any settings that would change that. I tried your media settings suggestion but it did not work for me. I am sometimes seeing my internal page post images load for a flash, then disappear. Any other ideas? its got me completely perplexed.

  9. Thanks! A simple saving of the default value for Media Settings (wp-content/uploads) fixed all my featured image woes after moving my site. Saved me lots of time!

  10. I gave your instructions a try step for step but unfortunately it didn’t resolve my issue. I can see my images just fine when accessing my site through my computer, but when it comes to viewing the images from a mobile device they just show up as a broken link. Any other suggestions?

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Just been pulling my hair out for ages trying to figure out what happened – I moved the site to a sub-folder and the image issue occurred – this fixed it. You are a star for posting this 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

  12. Im working in a blog from a customer and it has this issue. I tried your solution but didnt work. When I get again to the section settings, media; I cant input the directory path anymore, the text field disapeared. The photos still are not showing up in the blog in each category, but they do show up when writing the completed url.
    Any ideas?

  13. This issue is happening to me but only on my mobile site. Is there anything I can do? You have to click the post in order to see the pictures. They wont show on my homepage anymore.

    1. Hello Esco, it seems to me that you have a mobile theme setting that you need to resolve rather than a database issue. Your WordPress images not showing on your homepage unless you put the correct theme settings. Look at your settings carefully.

  14. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I had just spent literally over six hours beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. After completely reinstalling WP and jumping through a million hoops, I stumbled on your post. I can finally go to bed! Yay!

  15. I transferred mine form purely hosting to hostgator – lots for problems however they are resolved due to my accessing the sql and changing all links in 18 pages of the database from the old website to the new

    Then the images in the site would not show – answer look at the blogs and check the html – all images were looking for the url from the old site – they do not change on transfer so I had to change the etc etc
    to read etc etc

    Bottom line it appears that for the guru’s they can change some coding for us plebs we change the image url in each blog and it works

    Bottom line – check where the item is looking for its data and alter it


  16. Hi

    I am new to WordPress and also having problems with images showing in one particular place.

    The png I am uploading using (Media Library/Add New) under Portfolio/Preview Image is showing as a broken link.

    Pngs added to the ‘Image 1’ etc. area are showing fine.

    What do I need to do to get my Portfolio Preview Image to show?

    I am not code savvy, so a walkthrough would be great (there is no ‘Store Uploads in this Folder’ option under Settings/Media).

    I would be really grateful for a quick response.

    Many thanks


  17. Many many thanks!

    By unchecking “Organize my uploads into month and year based folders” icons and images reappeared.

    All the best!


  18. YOU ARE A GENIUS! I went to so many Forums and all this discussion about FTP files and twenty step mambos to FIX and yet – in this very basic and logical sequence – you totally resolved my problem! I am bookmarking this site! You even went so far as to update that MISC no longer exists in SETTINGS unlike thousands others I looked at. I wish we had the SMART WordPress responses forum only! I could have saved a lot of time.

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