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CopyNProfit Scam Alert – CopyNProfit Scam Exposed!


The CopyNProfit Scam Debate: Save Your Money and Get The Best Google Adwords Direction

CopyNProfit Warning!: Is CopyNProfit scam, a rip-off and a confidence trick? The CopyNProfit scam debate has alerted many; shouldn’t you be aware of the hyped up claims?

Today many products claim to tell you how to make money at home but unfortunately do not deliver. Is CopyNProfit a scam or is it the best for Pay per Click advertising?

In this CopyNprofit Review I am revealing personal observations that may be of a great business direction to those genuinely wanting a solid profitable business with Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

The CopyNProfit Scam Debate – The Hyped Up Claims!

Shouldn’t You Be Aware Of?

Stop trying to give me a fishing pole, just give me the fish - seriously!
Stop trying to give me a fishing pole, just give me the fish - seriously!

”Copy our exact campaigns that Make Up To $94,133 Every 30 Days On Autopilot”

The CopyNprofit scam debate picks up on claims that you will be making money just by simply copying campaigns from the CopyNProfit private membership’s forum. The CopyNProfit system also claims that you would not need to learn anything in order to copy n profit: ”You won’t need to “learn” anything …. Just COPY these. No margin for error… just a template that’s already profitable for you to duplicate.”The CopyNProfit scam debate picks up on those types of claims and quite frankly; why wouldn’t they?

Following this, is another quote which flags up The CopyNProfit Scam debate! “Stop trying to give me a fishing pole, just give me the fish – seriously!” In this quote CopyNProfit seems to target the market of genuine consumers by being identified with their potential frustration in making money online. Could this simply be a psychological marketing trick played against genuine consumers’ needs?

Here is an Adwords advert I found when I searched for “copyNProfit is a scam” in Google; have not seen it for a long time now. Perhaps it was not that profitable!

”Copy The $783/Day Formula
Earn Big Online? Free Video Reveals
Copy This $783/Day Campaign Easy!”
Ad seen on Google

The CopyNProfit scam debates are only a natural result of hyped up claims. These claims seem to be tailored and targeted to people who are new to this industry yet they have realised the great potential of using Google Adwords Campaigns and affiliate networks.

CopyNProfit chose to target an audience that has no adequate knowledge of Google Adwords which makes it difficult for them to understand what it is that they need to do in order to ensure a smooth operation of their ads. This audience is looking for a genuine work from home solution and are genuinely alarmed by The copyNProfit scam debate!

The CopyNProfit Scam Debate – Shouldn’t You Be Asking For The Fishing Pole Instead?

So You Got The Fish – Now What?

Is Google Adwords like cooking a meal?
Is Google Adwords like cooking a meal?

Talking about ”fish” makes me question; is creating profitable Google Adwords campaigns just like cooking a meal? Can we really treat Adwords like a recipe out of a cook book?

If you wanted to cook the perfect meal for your friends or partner, you would want to make sure that your recipe and cooking instructions were correct. Right? Does this apply to Adwords as well?

Even though this could also be applied to Internet Marketing this isn’t always the case with Adwords as Google can change their rules from one day to the next. Therefore, you would need reliable knowledge and guidance if what you are looking for is a lifelong & solid profitable business with Search Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

You may want to stop asking for the fish and start educating yourself instead so that you can learn how to…

“Be The Chef Who Catches His Own and Knows How To Adapt To Changes While Producing Orders on Demand”


The CopyNProfit Scam Debate – CopyNProfit Review & Comparison

How Does CopyNProfit Stack Up To the Competition?

Below I am indicating The Top Internet Marketing Communities, Products and Services that will help you create an influencial presence online along with winning Adwords campaigns due to their clarity and accuracy of information. These are legitimate Adwords related products that work!

Rank 1* The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced Veterans!
Main Focus: Google Adwords, Support: 10/10 Price $49

The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords has been endorsed by the most successful direct marketers on the Internet! Some of them are Dan Kennedy, Joe Vitale, John Reese, Jonathan Mizel, Alex Mandossian, Marlon Sanders, Fred Gleeck, Chris Carpenter, Andrew Goodman & Ken McCarthy. Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide To Google Adwords has been referenced by The Washington post, USA Today, Entrepreneur & Chicago Tribune. Learn more by visiting the homepage & by downloading Perry’s free 5 days to success with Google Adwords .

URL: www.perrymarshall.com/adwords
To Learn More Visit Here

Rank 2* Beating Adwords

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Main Focus: Google Adwords, Support: 9/10, Price: $67

Beating Adwords is a great read & a vissual indulgence that’s beautifully illustrated with examples, landing pages and review templates for your campaigns’ needs. Few pages in and you will realise that certain things realy do need some strategic knowledge. The structure of this course & the unparallel Authors’ support takes the guess out of how to make money at home using Adwords. A total eye opener for some & a golden token for others!

URL: www.beatingadwords.com
To Learn More Visit Here

Rank 3* Adwords Miracle

Skill Level: Beginner
Main Focus: Google Adwords Techniques, Support: 7/10, Price: $97.00

Adwords Miracle offers great resources to beginners with some really good examples illustrated in a step by step guide. Despite that the book offers good strategies, the product is a little overpriced and not entirely original. Other Adwords products offer more value for your money. However this is not to say that having this book is not necessary for your library. It is good if you can afford it.

URL: www.adwordsmiracle.com
To learn More Visit Here

Rank 29* CopyNProfit

copynprofitscamSkill Level: Beginner
Main Focus: CopyNProfit System – Adwords, Support: 7/10, Price $77.00

CopyNProfit has ranked very low due to the low quality and consistency of information provided. There is a major issue with the support forum within CopyNProfit as most of the marketers are very new to provide quality support to each other. However Mr Lewis does provide his own coaching if you are in need. CopyNProfit ranks even lower due to the competition that it creates between their members who go for the same Adwords Campaigns and end up very disapointed. CopyNprofit could be seen as deceitfull and a rip-off even with the 60 day money back guarrantee as consumers are wrongly prepared to believe that Google Adwordsâ„¢ Campaigns can simply be copied and pasted. It takes adequate knowledge and guidance to be successfull with Adwords!

URL: www.copynprofit.com
To Learn More Visit Here

The CopyNProfit Scam Debate

CopyNProfit Review – Conclusion

The CopyNProfit system could be seen as a confidence trick; a deceitful proposition and is more than likely to have a low product value and experience for the consumer who expects consistency between sales pages and actual product within. Consumers are wrongly prepared to believe that they will simply copy n profit by copying and pasting!

Through my own personal observations I predict that consumers are more likely to lose money as information and techniques presented by the CopyNProfit system have not been fully explained and this results in misrepresenting the search advertising network and how Google Adwordsâ„¢ operates!

I would simply advise you to say no to the CopyNProfit scam search in Google that leads you to alluring propositions and false reviews that claim to be making a fortune within a very short time with this system. Do not allow these to distract you or disappoint you throughout your journey to become successful with Pay per Click! People who make money with this system are more likely experienced marketers and NOT new to this industry.

CopyNProfit did look like having all the potential since it had all the attitude about helping new internet marketers have an online business. However, when I looked into CopyNProfit I was really dissapointed and I am glad to have found the time to review this product and let others see my point of view. If you are looking for a strong and solid career with Search Advertising and Affiliate marketing you may find the comparison table useful and the explanation about the psychological side of the consummers an alert point when looking on online products to purchase for your training and education purposes. This is not to say that all products that are hyped up are all scams, however most of them are scams and you may rarely find something that exceeds expectations.

CopyNProfit Scam Alert – CopyNProfit Scam Exposed!

CopyNProfit VS Profit Miracle – Game Over!

profitmiraclescam (2)Consumers be Informed: CopyNProfit VS Profit Miracle is not a challenging query you should be researching on Google; it is a DANGEROUS ONE! I have been asked over and over to do a review based on the Profit Miracle product and quite honestly after having reviewed CopyNProfit I have to say that I was not as keen at the beginning.

On the contrary, I am now quite pleased that I have gone forward and reviewed Profit Miracle since it gives me an opportunity to clarify some of the points that are diluted by some disputed and hyped up claims. Claims very similar to the ones in CopyNProfit.

CopyNProfit VS Profit Miracle

Articles that lead to comparison

Back in June the article CopyNProfit Scam Alert – CopyNProfit Scam Exposed! was released as a result of another article named CopyNProfit Review – Scandalous CopyNProfit Findings! These two articles are based on the CopyNProfit product developed by Jamie lewis and his team.

CopyNProfit VS Profit Miracle

Which one is the answer to consumers’ genuine needs?

Consumers who are genuinely wanting to make their living merely on-line, due to career change-needs or pure result of our global economic recession, need to take a close look at these first two articles. These will help in gaining an insight into the industry of internet marketing using Google Adwords and how things really work as opposed to how they are presented on the sales letters. In addition this will also help in anderstanding how CopyNProfit versus Profit Miracle work and why you were truly drawn to them. The article on Profit Miracle is called Profit Miracle Scam Alert – Profit Miracle Scam Exploits Recession!

Reading these articles will allow you to see easily the similarities embedded in both Profit Miracle versus CopyNProfit and above all you will be able to embrace and appreciate the best direction to your needs in creating a solid profitable business in article marketing and search advertising with Google Adwords or any other advertising platform you may choose.

CopyNProfit VS Profit Miracle

Articles to help you gain control over your buying decision!

  1. CopyNProfit Review – Scandalous CopyNProfit Review Findings!
  2. CopyNProfit Scam Alert – CopyNProfit Scam Exposed!
  3. Profit Miracle Scam Alert – Profit Miracle Scam Exploits Recession!

CopyNProfit Review – Scandalous CopyNProfit Review Findings!

copynprofitreviewCopyNProfit Review Warning! Scandalous CopyNProfit Review findings reveal that most, CopyNProfit Review reports could be nothing but a clear cut misrepresentation of what Search Advertising and Google Adwords  is all about.

The majority of CopyNProfit Review reports do not clarify the most important points about Search Advertising and Google Adwords; instead they dilute these points with hyped up claims.

Consumer ask yourself; is the CopyNProfit Review you have found online telling you the truth? Is CopyNProfit a scam, a confidence trick and another overpromised Adwords product?

There is already a saturated number of CopyNProfit Review styles online but only a fraction of them, if any, has set the record straight so far. Why is this? Which CopyNProfit review is telling you the truth and do they really make $97,000/month?

Could you really rely on a CopyNProfit Review that supports CopyNProfit’s hyped up claims? Why is every single CopyNProfit Review online looks the same? Consumers who are genuinely interested in getting involved with Google Adwords shouldn’t they receive the out most important advice to build a solid online affiliate business? Is the CopyNProfit system the best example of advise one should get?

In an article published back in June, CopyNProfit Scam Alert – CopyNProfit Scam Exposed!, I lay down my own personal observations and I clarify some of the points that are most important to your online success.; filtered from bogus and hyped up claims that you are more than likely to find online! To view this article please CLICK HERE.

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0 – Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Review!

Wealthy Affiliate PlatinumWealthy Affiliate Platinum has launched 15th September 2009. Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is the New Upgrade Edition to the well established Internet Marketing community known as the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum benefits the novice, Intermediate and advanced marketer since it provides them with what is known to be the new Web 3.0 platform that intensely grows to the direction of the individuals’ needs and interests.

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0!

Join NOW & Be Part Of The Best Internet Marketing Community of 2009!

What I have received from the Wealthy Affiliate University was genuine advice through direct knowledge. I could not do with any more hype and I needed something straight to the point without the frills. I looked at Wealthy Affiliate University clearly from the consumers’ point of view and I asked myself; is this good enough for someone who is in genuine need of a career change? What I found within, allowed me to work strategically knowing the direction I was heading to. Is this an avenue that I would suggest to a consumer? Deffinately and with the Platinum Upgrade; The Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0…even more so!

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0!

Some Traditions Stay The Same While Other Ones Evolve!

Everything is outlined step by step and right from the beginning you have the choice to receive specific direction to start with. What are you thinking of; is it Pay Per Click advertising or Article Marketing? You can become advanced in both but it is advisable to focus on one before you start with another. In fact both directions are very similar indeed with only minor differences between them. In the Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0 some traditions stay the same while other ones evolve! Yes; you will still get to select with whom you want to work with as your personal coach; is it Kyle or Carson your Mentor to be?

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Edition 3.0!

My Platinum Bonus To You Cannot Be More Personal!

For those of you who join Wealthy Affiliate Platinum through my personal affiliate link; will also receive my personal help. That I believe is of a better value than ebooks. Just make sure to send me a note through the Contact Form so that I am able to find you inside and keep in touch with your progress also.

URL: Wealthy Affiliate Platinum Bonus
To Learn More Visit Here!

Profit Miracle Scam Alert – Profit Miracle Scam Exploits Recession!

profitmiraclescamProfit Miracle WARNING! Is Profit Miracle a scam and an aggressive exploitation of consumers’ financial needs? The Profit Miracle Scam Debate has concerned many. Should you treat Profit Miracle as a deceitful proposition you should rather be without?

This Profit Miracle review reveals a personal analysis that may be of a great business direction to those genuinely wanting to simplify their article production and submission management online.

The Profit Miracle Scam Debate – What is Profit Miracle?

Profit Miracle is a follow up product of the CopyNProfit developed by Jamie Lewis and his team. It is marketed through Clickbank’s Affiliate Marketplace as the product to help article marketers with their article development and online submission management. It claims to develop unique and quality articles all in total automation by using Artificial Intelligence.

The Profit Miracle Scam Debate – Is Profit Miracle Good?

Can I Make Money Online With Profit Miracle?

"Give you a never ending supply of campaigns that profit using Artificial Intelligence technology"
"Gives you a never ending supply of campaigns that profit using Artificial Intelligence technology"
In a straight forward answer I will say: There is no such a thing as “Artificial Intelligence” in article creation. Anyone who claims the contrary is only insulting your intelligence in an attempt to feed off your own needs. Period!

Your frustration to simplify your online requirements as an article marketer will not be entirely soothed by Profit Miracle alone without a little effort on your part. Profit Miracle does not produce quality articles, has no keyword density and the whole process is far from being automated. Yet, it can drastically cut down on your efforts and time to produce articles if it is used as a guide!

Making money with Profit Miracle is indeed possible only if you are willing to pay a little extra on products and services to use along with Profit Miracle. That alone makes Profit Miracle incomplete on its own! Yet the asset, when buying the Profit Miracle system, is in the Keywords’ lists as the research has already been done in identifying the profitable keywords; leaving out any guess work!

The Profit Miracle Scam Debate – An Aggressive Proposition?

Should you rather be without?

Whether it is a health problem or a financial dificulty there is always an alluring proposition that could be made and It is sad yet an indisputable fact; it hapens all the time! The end result is that the ”snake oil salesman” gets richer while you become even more disapointed and feel helpless, disheartened and unable to trust your own judgement. If your knowledge is inadequate and if you don’t know otherwise; it would take you a considerable amount of time to figure out that the product is not of any good use and by that time there is neither chargeback to the merchant nor an applicable refund to you.

Is This Something You Should Worry About With Profit Miracle?

Is Profit Miracle a Scam?

Despite the fact that Profit Miracle may or may not be a scam, inconcistencies have alarmed Internet Marketers and consumers alike who could be asking the same questions as I do! How do you expect a consumer to react when their emotional relevance is betrayed? Why are there so many inconcistencies between the sales page and the actual product? Shouldn’t consumers get a genuine explanation of how does article marketing really works?

Forum members of “Profit Miracle” have shown it over and over again by expressing their frustration at the Profit Miracle forum. Simply put; nothing is of what it seems on their sales page! Therefore, it is easy for anyone to see that the Profit Miracle scam debate has alerted consumers and reviewers alike for obvious reasons. Claims of Artificial Intelligence do insult your own whether you see through them at first or not!