Network Marketing Truth & The Dark Side Of Faking It!

ATTENTION: Don’t Let Them Grab You By Your Nostrils!
Learn The MLM Truth & The Taboos They Rather Hide!

THE SHOCKING LIARS! “There is nothing to worry; we will make sure that you receive people in your donwnline but if you ever need some leads to grow your business our advertising co op offers 4 leads for only £100!”

Are you for real, Is that a burgain? I said on a three way call to the Marketing liars who were trying to convince me to Join their MLM business opportunity and empty my pockets at the same time!

Am I suppose to tell you that Network Marketing is clean, safe & perhaps the best way to go when looking for an online business from home? I am not here to answer that; rather to advise you about things you should look at before joining any MLM business. I promise that by the end of this article you will understand what’s best.

Does Their Juice Cures Chronic Health Issues?

Theirs Did? – Believe Them Not!

Honestly, just run away from bold cold hearted claims. Scammers; that is what these people are! You see; being a professional or a novice when it comes to deciding on a home based business has nothing to do with taking time to review your options. It is a must when it comes to this industry! A lot of MLM companies make a lot of bold claims about their products and some of them cross serious lines that need reporting. Observing such behaviours is indeed necessary as it will be a good reason for you to avoid doing business with anyone who’s claiming to have found the next cure to cancer or obesity!

Is Your Success That Time Sensitive?

They Want You To Join Right Now!

Hey; take a step back and study your offers. Honestly your sponsors can wait with a smile if they are genuine enough for your success. When you study your offers make sure that you feel relaxed and make this step the most enjoyable one. If for any reason you may feel pressure from your sponsors; be alarmed as they may be Network Marketing Liars who care less of your success! The truth is that with most compensation plans, achieving any level of success is difficult as most people are not able to successfully advertise their business. In fact new marketers are thrown into the deep end without even knowing a way of moving forward.

The Spillover Magnet

The Dark Side of Faking It!

Will they ever put people in your downline? A lot of people have been given the promises and claims that they will be successful just because of the help that they will receive from their sponsors and up-line. Nothing is mentioned in their compensation plan though! It should be under loyalty bonuses or perhaps not! Were you told by your sponsors that they will place people in your down-line? I am truly sorry to break the news but you may already know by now. If it is not in your compensation plan then do not expect from them to do so in the near future or ever. They just wish they could but they probably have the same problem as you do and they may desperately tell you of things they may not be able to keep up with just so that you join them. These are Network Marketing Liars and they give a bad name to the industry!

Study your compensation plan. Contact your sponsors and have them explain things you may need clarifying. Stay on your topic rather than drifting away on how your day has been. Leave the chit chat for later! Make it a business time! It is good to make friendships but even better when these friendships are the result of your business success. Success is designed; not a coincidence so focus on it with an enjoyable stress free manner.

Affiliate Marketing

There is Always Stock Involved!

Are You Not Sick Of That Juice Yet?

Are you kidding me? By the time it was 8 months I was sick of their drink and It was coming out of my ears! They may tell you that there is no stock involved but there is always stock involved…Always! Point is that  I wanted the freedom to work online without any stock and from any location using ONLY my laptop! No sales based on family or friends and no cold calling ever again!
Just me, myself & my laptop!
If that is what you want then you need to become an Affiliate Marketer instead and build a solid profitable online business that you can call your own!
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